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We are called by God to blow the trumpet to awaken the body of Christ within the nations to its God-given destiny—to see entire nations turn to God. We seek to accomplish this through the ministry of worship, and the equipping, training, and teaching of the Bible.

Tough economy. Increased unemployment. Wars. Desperate times. Hurting people. There is less and less of God in society, yet more and more profanity, sex, violence, and anti-God propaganda. Darkness is covering over America and the nations of the earth, and no personality, program, or institution can bring the necessary change. 

We need another great awakening! There is an urgent call for the body of Christ to arise and let the light of God shine in the midst of darkness. Sound the alarm! Blow the trumpet! It is time to wake up and return to the Lord with all our hearts, fully consecrated, and completely surrendered to God (Joel 1&2). Transformed lives transform nations. Let us stand in the gap on behalf of our land, so God can spare our nation from judgment and bring needed healing (Ezra 22:30, 2 Chronicles 7:14).


Latest Update

Philippine Mission 2016 trip: Build Hope   

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