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Biblical Instruction

It is absolutely vital that as the body of Christ, we understand the times and seasons we live in, so that through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, we will know what we ought to do, just as the sons of Issachar knew and understood. We offer powerful, anointed preaching and teaching of the Word of God, which is alive, active, and powerful, containing all the answers to life’s issues. 

Worship and Prayer Gatherings

Corporate times of worship and prayer are an essential component of turning nations back to God. The book of Joel trumpets the call to gather the elders, leaders, and children,in times of worship, intercession, fasting, and repentance. Unity within the Body of Christ destroys the work of the devil and facilitates the move of God. 

Throughout the world, as God opens doors, we trumpet the same call of Joel and gather the body of Christ for corporate times of worship and prayer. Each time, breakthrough is experienced and lives are changed, as an incredible move of God takes place among those gathered from different walks of life and age ranges.

Worship Trainings & Seminars

Worship is essential to the believer’s everyday life, and the ministry of worship is an essential aspect of the church body. Worship is more than a beautiful melody, the perfect line up, or a particular style of music. Worship incorporates every aspect of our lives lived in a God honoring and God pleasing fashion. Solid Biblical instruction is vital in order to elevate the level of worship both personally and corporately. 

We provide dynamic training and seminars for worship teams and ministries, including discipleship materials. The training may be tailored to the specific needs of the team. We also offer teaching for all believers who desire to better understand worship and live a lifestyle of worship.

Bible-based Mission Outreaches

The great commission calls us to take the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations of the world. The love of God and His amazing grace motivates us to obey and go forth. The need is great and the church is armed with the resources and answers to minister to the hurting, lost, and broken. 

God has opened the door to many nations to fulfill the great commission, as well as strengthen, encourage, and equip the body of Christ within the nation to continue to faithfully minister and turn their nation to God. These outreaches include practically meeting the needs of the people through food, medical, resources, and relationship; reaching out to children and families; partnering with local ministries and churches to reach their communities; providing trainings and seminars upon request.

Purity Teachings & Conferences

A few years ago, we noticed a need for special ministry to our growing number of young adults at our church.  After seeking God, we hosted a night entitled "The Path to Finding Your Mate." The overall message was about pursuing a life of purity & holiness. The response was overwhelming and we realized that it was even more vital to begin to teach our Jr. High & High School kids about sex, dating, relationships & purity, before they reached adulthood. This is how the "Love Is . . ." purity conference came to be.  


Our goal is to inspire and equip a generation to a life of purity and holiness. And in the days we live, never has it been more difficult to live in purity, and thus so important to teach them the word of God & equip them to do so. The conference addresses questions & issues about sex, relationships and purity through straightforward Biblical teaching, powerful illustrations & videos, group discussions, and interactive segments. 

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